AFL Replay Preview

September 29th, 2010

Here we go again. The AFL Grand Final is set to replay this Saturday, October 2 at the MCG. While we’re going to be seeing the same two Grand Final teams taking to the same grounds in another battle for the Premiership title, this should be a very different game.

Going into the last week’s AFL Grand Final, Collingwood was looking like an unstoppable winning machine. Not only did this team post the best standard season, but they also thrashed all opposition en route to their Grand Final appearance. It was a lot to overcome, but St Kilda proved that they could do it.

In a stunning fourth quarter performance, the Saints were able to chip away at the Magpies’ lead and eventually overtake the favoured team. If not for a last minute goal from Travis Cloke, St Kilda would be the 2010 champions. Now that the Saints know they have what it takes to stick with (even surpass) the ‘Pies, fans can expect the St Kilda team to hit the MCG this Saturday with plenty of confidence, which may just tip the score in their favour this time around.

The Saints will need to play a full game like they played the last quarter of last week’s Grand Final. Skipper Nick Reiwoldt will have his work cut out for him in this one.

Collingwood has been humbled by their near loss, and will go into this game with a better understanding of what needs to be done to secure the win. Now that they’ve had the chance to size up their AFL Grand Final replay opponents, they know what needs to be done. The team isn’t likely to get overconfident this time around. Fans can likely expect a full game of intense, solid playing from Collingwood this time around as last week’s game proved that anything can happen in the fourth quarter.

Watch for the Magpies to tighten up all aspects of their game. This includes an improved performance from Dane Swan. The centre will need to kick it into high gear as this is his only chance to make up for a lacklustre performance last week. The Saints are likely to be a tougher test for the Magpies this time around, but Collingwood has what it takes to win the Premiership. They should step it up to take the win in this AFL Grand Final replay.

The AFL Grand Final replay is slated for this Saturday, October. Of course, is offering odds on the upcoming event. Along with a massive list of exotics, the top online betting site is offering the following:

Teams Head-to-Head Line Line (ev) 1-39 40+
Collingwood 1.60 1.92 (-10.5) 2.00 (-13.5) 2.25 4.30
St Kilda 2.40 1.92 (+10.5) 2.00 (+7.5) 3.00 10.00
Draw 41.00