AFL Grand Final Results

September 27th, 2010

What a weekend for AFL fans! There is no bigger sports story in the nation right now as fans wrap their heads around the weekend’s results. The Collingwood Magpies and the St Kilda Saints locked in a battle that went neck and neck all the way down to the last minute of the game. The match resulted in a 68-68 draw that will now see the two teams meeting once again next week for a replay.

While plenty of AFL fans are bemoaning the unusual AFL guidelines that dictate a Grand Final draw will result in replay match the following week, it does mean that there’s one more week of AFL Grand Final action to come. It also means that punters who took a chance on the 51.00 odds on a draw will be happily counting their massive AFL Grand Final payouts right about now.

It was an unfortunate result, to a fantastic game. The ‘Pies led throughout the game only to give up their Premiership title at the 18 minute mark of the final quarter. Their eight point lead slowly slipped away thanks to overconfidence and sloppy play. Finally, Brendon Goddard gained the lead for the Saints with stunning mark and goal. Fortunately, a goal from Collingwood’s Travis Cloke with 3:25 remaining was able to lock up the score 68-68 and save the team’s hopes of a Premiership flag.

Cloake led the Magpies’ scoring efforts with two goals. Goddard, Nick Riewoldt, and Stephen Milne all took two goals apiece for the Saints.

So, with an AFL Grand Final replay on the horizon, punters will have a second chance at these massive footy payouts. Get to to check out the odds available on the upcoming AFL Grand Final replay as this top online bookmaker has already released odds.

2010 AFL Grand Final Results

Date Home Away
25/09/10 Collingwood Magpies – 68 St Kilda Saints – 68