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The weather’s beginning to cool down and the summer of cricket is over which means AFL 2013 is nearly here. The season is due to kick off on Friday, March 22 but there are already a number of betting markets available. AFL Premiership 2013 Market Last year’s minor premiers Hawthorn…

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The NRL is Australia’s premier Rugby League competition and the intensity and excitement of the series ensures that it is one of the best sports betting opportunities Aussie punters will come across all year.

Here at Footy Bet we aim to provide Rugby League fans across Australian with the most comprehensive and helpful collection of information and tips when it comes to betting on the NRL or any of the other terrific Rugby League competitions and matches held throughout the year.

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On Footy Bet website you will find an in-depth explanation on all the major standard and exotic bet types online betting bookmakers provide odds on for the Rugby League. Everything from premiership winners, wagers related to the match scores and the more exclusive bets related to individual players like first player to score will be explained so you can best choose the footy bet to suit you.

The reason why betting on the footy and the Ruby League is so popular has to do with the diversity and complexity of the game and the plethora of excellent wagering odds and options bookmakers have open on the footy.

Footy betting on the NRL begins pre-season when Australian online bookmakers open up their futures betting markets. This is the first opportunity punters get to place a wager on which team they think will win the premiership that year. The earlier you bet the more generous and profitable the odds will be, so if you have an early selection that you are keen to back get in pre-season to see your wagering dollar grow!

The NRL footy premiership season runs from autumn to spring annually, starting with a 26 round regular season. This gives punters 26 inspiring matches to bet on and with the range of unique wagering options open on the games, there is a bet type to match all needs. Bets can be placed on each individual game or the season as a whole, and this choice and variety is what makes footy bets so appealing.

Following the standard season the betting action really begins to heat up during the eight game NRL finals that run over three weeks. Here is when the best of the best play off against each other and when the wagers become increasingly more important and interesting. Pre-season you can select which teams will make the finals, and if you have gone for this great bet type then the finals round is when you get to see if any of your teams have made it!

The season concludes with the thrilling Grand Final match held on the first Sunday of October. The NRL Premiership Grand Final is the most highly bet on game of the season and one of the most popular sports wagering events in the country. The only way to make the Grand Final more exciting is by having a bet on your team to win!

Aside from the standard season, footy fans and bettors can also place a wager on any one of the special Rugby League events held throughout the year including the City vs. Country, State of Origin series, Heritage Round and the State Derby Matches. These matches are rife with loyalty to the players state or city and can generate some really fantastic bets.

Placing a bet on your favourite team is one of the best ways to show your loyalty and support to the players that provide you with the best footy action year after year.

Footy betting can be about passion for the game and your team, but it can also be about knowledge. The more you know about the NRL the better chance you have of placing that winning wager.

Bookmakers have a top class selection of bet types to choose from when it comes to betting on the footy.

The three main footy betting categories are Match Betting, Live Betting and Futures Betting.

Match betting covers all wagers placed on specific games. The most common bet types with this option are head-to-head and margin bets.

Live betting allows punters to bet on a footy game while it is in play. This is a fantastic option for real footy fans who like to feel part of the action. Live rugby league bets can be placed during a matches’ half-time as well, and the odds for live bets fluctuate as the game plays out.

Futures Betting is placing a wager before the event occurs. Futures betting is often done pre-season by footy fans looking for an emotional and monetary investment in the game throughout the entire season. Popular futures bets include Premiership winner and wooden spoon bets.

So next Rugby League game make sure you check out the odds available on your favourite team or player to add to the excitement of an already elite game of power and skill. supports a healthy and active lifestyle.  We choose to keep fit by playing KICKIT Touch Football.

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